Tips to protect your HVAC and heat pump during severe weather

At Mondragon Mechanical we want to help our customers to protect their HVAC investments, so here are 5 tips to protect your HVAC and heat pump from thunderstorms and tornadoes:

  1. Secure outdoor components: Strong winds during thunderstorms and tornadoes can displace outdoor components of your HVAC and heat pump system. To prevent this, ensure that outdoor units and their components are properly secured and anchored in place.
  2. Install surge protectors: Thunderstorms often result in power surges, which can damage the electrical components of your HVAC system. Consider installing surge protectors to prevent electrical damage.
  3. Cover outdoor units: During a thunderstorm or tornado, debris can be blown around and cause damage to the outdoor units of your HVAC and heat pump system. To prevent this, consider installing a cover over the outdoor unit to protect it from flying debris.
  4. Shut off the power: If you know that a thunderstorm or tornado is approaching, shut off the power to your HVAC system. This will prevent electrical damage and also reduce the risk of fire in case of a lightning strike.
  5. Have a professional check: After a thunderstorm or tornado, it’s important to have a professional check your HVAC system for any damage that may have occurred. This will ensure that any issues are identified and repaired before they become more serious problems.

By following these tips, you can protect your HVAC and heat pump from damage during thunderstorms and tornadoes. Is some hail expected? Check out our blog post here. Remember to take care of your investment and call us ASAP at 972-214-7002, filling our form or send us a message via Facebook or Instagram!

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