Hail damage to the outdoor unit: What to do?

A few days ago we had a severe thunderstorm accompanied by a hail shower that wreaked havoc throughout Dallas, especially in certain residential areas. At Mondragon Mechanical we want you to learn with us what to do when there is hail damage to the outside unit.

Did you have a recent storm in your city with hail? Check that your capacitor is OK!

Believe it or not, hail can be one of the biggest hazards your air system and heat pump can encounter. Now, how do you assess outdoor unit hail damage?

Look and evaluate your HVAC unit

The first thing to do in case you see your outdoor unit affected by hail is not to turn it on, because while it may be affected externally, the internal condition of each component is not known. Therefore, the best option is always to call a technician for a quick evaluation.

Check for damage to the external unit

When the condenser is exposed and hit by hail, it can cause damage to the aluminium fins that cover the coil. If these fins are deformed too sharply, they can press into the copper coil and block the airflow in that part of the coil.

If enough of the coil is blocked, the fan will not be able to draw enough air and this will cause the condenser to malfunction, causing it to work improperly and shortening the life of the compressor.

How to fix hail damage to the external unit?

When the condenser is affected by hail, it is usual to carefully remove the ice from the fins, and this should be done by your trusted technician with a special tool. This tool, which acts as a comb, has fine teeth that allow the ice to be carefully removed. In this way, excess ice can be removed without damaging the condenser in the process.

However, if the damage or ice is extensive and expands beyond the fins even inside the unit, the coil should be checked. The internal copper piping in the unit should also be evaluated.

For that reason, if your air conditioner or heater suffered considerable damage a few days ago or stopped working properly, we give you a free check-up just by calling 972-214-7002, leaving us a contact form here or sending us a DM on Facebook or Instagram!

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