A warm home: 3 steps to optimize your heating

From the first days of autumn until the end of winter, having a warm home is a priority for many. That’s why it’s important to learn how to optimize your heating and at Mondragon Mechanical we want our customers to get the most out of their heating this season.

Having a warm home is easy to achieve during the coldest months, learn with us how to do it!

Today we leave you with 3 steps you can do at home to stay warm longer during this cold season, optimize your heating and enjoy a warm home:


  1. Open the curtains when the sun is shining! This helps the house warm up naturally, and if the heating is on it will warm up faster. The best times to do this are during the morning and midday when the sun is at its highest. The late afternoon also works.
  2. If you have a ceiling fan, make it turn clockwise, believe it or not, this facilitates the flow of warm air into your rooms. Remember to close your doors and windows to prevent them from escaping!
  3. Adjust your home’s thermostat: program it to work during the most critical hours, especially if it has an eco function, which will make it work efficiently. Why? Because this way you will be able to keep your house warm and use energy only when necessary. Having the heating on all day can give you a surprise in your bill that you don’t want.

So, as you can see, having a warm home is pretty simple. Best of all? You don’t have to spend more money or electricity by cranking up your heating. Use your equipment wisely and avoid problems by optimizing your heating.

If you have an old heater and you think it’s the best time to replace it, we agree! Call us at 972-214-7002, leave us a form here or send us a dm on Facebook or Instagram and we will send you without obligation the best option for you.

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