3 tips to prepare your air system for December

December is the month that marks the arrival of winter. The days get shorter and the nights get colder. The energy demand for heating increases that month and it is essential to prepare the air system for December before the cold gets stronger.

For that reason, our experts at Mondragon Mechanical want to share with you these 3 simple recommendations so you can prepare your air conditioning and heating system for these cold months.

3 tips to prepare your air system for december mondragon mechanical
Learn how to be ready for the coldest months!
  1. Check the thermostat thoroughly, as any change may reveal a problem that can be corrected quickly and, in the long run, is a saving to you. A faulty thermostat can mean an increase in your electric bill that you don’t want to see. So check with your technician if you suspect a malfunction.
  2. Keep all filters on duct systems and central air units clean to prevent them from back working as well as to protect your health. Duct systems, especially those in the ceiling and attic, can become blocked if they are not cleaned frequently. Hairballs, lint and dust buildup can cause your equipment to backdraft unnecessarily.
  3. Consider placing an outdoor unit cover on your HVAC during the late fall and early winter to keep your equipment cleaner and protected from frost. In this way, you will be able to care for the delicate fins of the equipment along with the coil.

As I could see, preparing the air system for December is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. In addition, it will help you save money, as you can see in our post on how to save money with heating. Remember that here the previous preparation is the key to being able to extend the quality of life of your equipment.

Now, if you want your unit to be as good as new before the end of the year or you want to receive it with new air and heating, call us at 972-214-7002, send us a form here or write us on our Facebook and Instagram. it’s that easy!

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